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Dedicated Servers

We provide first class dedicated servers to our clients. All servers are based on CentOS and come with advanced controlpanels. Pricing starts at USD 150.00. Please contact our service team to find a custom solution for your needs.

Domain Names

Nap5 enables you to register domain names at low prices. Domain name pricing starts at USD 9.99 per year and are registered using our domain name interface. Currently we support .com / .net / .org domain names only.

Merchant Accounts

We provide merchantr accounts to our customers. Charge your customers using safe payment methods that are implented within your site's structure. Our 180 day hold time helps you prevent fraud and losses.

NAP5 Network was established in 2008, when most websites that are now most popular were small and unknown. When Google Search started its services, this all changed and sites started growing like never before. Back then we started offering our services to the public. We were one of the few companies who provided merchant accounts and affordable domain name registrations.

Today, we work with the most reliable companies and services to bring the best offers to our clients. Unlike most companies, we do care about our business with you. We do not offer default plans, but we offer custom developed solutions to our clients. Each client has individual needs and NAP5 is here to fulfill these needs. Every day.

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